Starting spring 2019, we will be organizing the #OSIFF as a pop-up festival throughout the year! Our first pop-up is coming soon. Here's a sneak peak of our first pop-up poster! Thanks to Oregon State University - School of Writing, Literature, and FilmSchool of Language, Culture, and Society at Oregon State University and Darkside Cinema for their continued support of this fabulous international film festival!

Spring 2019 Line-Up

all films showing at Darkside Cinema at 2:00pm

May 11 --  SHORTS I: Contemplation [9 films, 112 minutes]

I Love What You Said To Me (USA, 2019. Dir. Marilyn Freeman).
The Old Stripper (USA, 2018. Dir. Jack Truman).
Queen of the Castle (Germany, 2016. Dir. Felix Klee).
Happy Birthday (Iraq, 2019). Dir. Layth Daham).
Trap (New Zealand, 2018. Dir. Paul Ames).
Slow Death (Iran, 2019. Dir. Amen Sahraei).
My Beloved Anxiety (Brazil, 2019. Dir. Paulo Ernesto).
Infinite While It Lasts (Brazil, 2019. Dir. Akira Kamiki).
My Theatre (Japan, 2018. Dir. Kazua Ashizawa).

May 18 -- DOCUMENTARY DOUBLE FEATURE [150 minutes]

Mustango – The Origin of a Legend (Spain, 2019. Dir. Antonio Márquez).
Among Doñana National Park's extraordinary legacy of traditions, one stands out. A vibrant past that is surprisingly unknown and barely studied. A notable example of the contributions Andalusian culture has made to the rest of the world: The marsh horses, the Mustang, the origin of the wild and emblematic American Mustangs.

Wild Heart (Germany, 2017. Dir. Charly Hübner and Sebastian Schultz).
The actor Charly Hübner’s film portrays the singer of the Punkband „Feine Sahne Fischfilet“ (‘Fine Cream Fish Filet‘) from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Jan ′Monchi′ Gorkow speaks of his work against racism, sexism and homophobia, his personal development – and the shift to the right in the east. Outing in Mecklenburg: during the election year of 2016 the band stands up against the right wing scene on their tour ‘Noch Nicht Komplett im Arsch′ (Not yet totally messed up). Dozens of hate letters is just the beginning of what the musicians and their frontman have to put up with – for years they were kept a watch of by the constitutional protection body due to their ‘anti-state behaviour′ and were deemed the ‘most dangerous band′ in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Parallell to this, Gorkow speaks of his time as an Ultra for Hansa Rostock, of violent encounters and his gradual politicisation. Charly Hübner’s documentation reveals a state between fury and resistance and was awarded four prizes at the Leipzig International Documentary Festival.
**This screening is supported by the Goethe Institut.**

May 25 -- NARRATIVE DOUBLE FEATURE! [170 minutes]

Black Pool (USA, 2019. Dir. Dustin Morrow).
***Director in attendance!***
Black Pool is a gripping thriller about a revenge-fueled, cat-and-mouse game of imprisonment and interrogation. Thirty years ago, Michael’s life was shattered by a shadowy figure he saw for only a fleeting moment. But tonight, through a chance encounter, he believes he’s found the man responsible for ruining his life. And he’s going to make him pay. But does he have the right man? And how far will he go for the truth?

Flesh City (Germany, 2019. Dir. Thorsten Fleisch).
Cyberpunk meets Horror meets Sci-fi. Flesh City is a hostile place but it has great clubs... where not only beats are pulsating. In one of these dance temples, located at an abandoned industrial site, Vyren hooks up with Loquette. They explore the underbelly of the venue and fall into the trap of Prof. Yagov, the resident mad scientist who preys on lost and drugged out fashion victims. As he introduces them to mutation and mayhem the whole city gets infected. Soon everybody in Flesh City will be connected... via flesh link.

June 1 -- SHORTS II: Agitation [10 films, 106 minutes]

No Fear (Germany, 2019. Dir. Kristina Lipatov).
Pattern Cognition (Germany, 2019. Dir. Thorsten Fleisch). *Warning: flashing/strobe light effects.*
Rally ON/OFF (Russian Federation, 2019. Dir. Aleksandra Artemava).
The Funeral Dancer (Germany, 2018. Dir. Natalie MacMahon).
Leading Me Straight (USA, 2018. Dir. Burke Heffner and Olgierd Minkiewicz).
It Comes From the Heavens (Cuba, 2018. Dir. Oldren Romero Leyva).
Beyond Her Lens (Czech Republic, 2019. Dir. Tereza Hirsch).
Spizella (Germany/ Turkey, 2019. Dir. Mehmet Tığlı).
Check In (Greece, 2018. Dir. Konstantinos Stragalinos).


10th annual OSIFF (Nov. 5-11, 2018)

dasfilmfest presents the Tenth Annual Oregon State International Film Festival in cooperation with OSU's School of Writing, Literature, and Film & School of Language, Culture, and Society. As in previous years, the OSIFF will run at the Darkside Cinema in Corvallis, Oregon. Each year, this curated festival presents award-winning films from across the globe, many of which premiere at Berlinale, Cannes, and Sundance. OSIFF also regularly screens world premieres, US premieres, and west coast premieres.

For its 10th anniversary in 2018, OSIFF reacts to the persistent discrimination against women filmmakers by accepting and screening only films directed or co-directed by woman-identified (women and trans women) filmmakers. With this decision, we strive to provide a platform for ongoing global debates about sexism in the filmmaking industry in particular and in culture at large.

Kick-Off Event: Sept. 24, 7:00pm @ Cinema 21 in Portland


2018 Line Up

(see our Facebook events page for details)

Mãe Só Há Uma (Brazil, 2016)

Tempestad (Mexico, 2016)

El Techo (Cuba/Nicaragua, 2017) + short film Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo (Brazil, 2018)

Estiu (Spain, 2017)

Mademoiselle Paradis (Austria/Germany, 2017)

El Futuro Perfecto (Argentina, 2016)

Kurz + Schmerzlos Shorts Program:

Mi Di Worm no. 10 (Switzerland, 2018)

Surveillance (UK, 2018)

Peace Carpet (Iran, 2018)

The Chinese Famine (UK, 2018)

Groundless (Iran, 2018)

Marziyeh (Iran, 2017)

Oblivion (Iran, 2018)

Adela (Iceland, 2017)

Bráška (US/Czech Republic, 2018)

Little Ghost Girl (US/Finland, 2018)

Heather Has Four Moms (UK, 2018)

The River of the Kukamas (Peru/Canada, 2018)


9th annual OSIFF (Nov. 3-7, 2017)

dasfilmfest presents the Ninth Annual Oregon State International Film Festival. As in previous years, the OSIFF will run at the Darkside Cinema in Corvallis, Oregon. Each year, this curated festival presents award-winning films from across the globe, many of which premiere at Berlinale, Cannes, and Sundance. OSIFF also regularly screens world premieres, US premieres, and west coast premieres.

2017 Line Up

(see our Facebook events page for details; festival passes are available for purchase here)

Bye Bye Germany (Germany, 2017)

The Cinema Travellers (India, 2016)

Combat Girl (Germany, 2011)

The Divine Order (Switzerland, 2017).

King of the Belgians (Belgium/Netherlands/Bulgaria, 2016)

Land of Eternal Spring (Guatemala/ USA, 2017)

Land of the Little People (Israel, 2016)

Late Blossom Blues (Austria, 2016).

The Peace Agency (Indonesia, 2017)

Pretenders (Estonia, 2016)

Suffering of Ninko (Japan, 2017)

Welcome to Switzerland (Switzerland, 2017)

Kurz + Schmerzlos Shorts Program:

Circles of Confusion (Canada, 2017)

Cowboys and Indians (Spain, 2017)

Decorosa (Spain, 2017)

No Space (Spain, 2017)

The Oregon Trail (USA, 2017)

Restricted Vision (UK, 2017)

Rules (Bulgaria, 2017)

The Unborn (India, 2017)

A Universal Love Story (Germany, 2017)

Whirlpool (UK, 2017)

DFF II poster 2016 no OSU
Poster opening night

8th annual OSIFF (Nov. 9-15, 2016)

Berlin - Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (Germany, 1927)

Usfahrt Oerlike (Switzerland, 2015)

3 Bellazas (Venezuela, 2014)

Rettet Raffi! (Germany, 2015)

Que Horas Ela Volta (Brazil, 2015)

Streif (Austria, 2015)

Paradise Trips (Netherlands, 2015)

NN (Peru, 2015)

Umi yori mo Mada Fukaku (Japan, 2016)

Fukushima Mon Amour (Germany, 2016)

Pored Mene (Serbia, 2015)

Pequeñas Menteras Piadosas (Italy, 2015)

Apprentice (Singapore, 2016)

Le bois dont les rêves sont faits (France/Switzerland, 2015)

Con la pata quebrada (Spain, 2014)

Fuchi ni tatsu (Japan, 2016)

I am Femen (Switzerland, 2016)

Blanka (Italy/Japan/Philippines, 2015)

7th annual OSIFF (Oct. 12-18, 2015)

Akte Grüninger (Switzerland, Austria: 2014)

Huo zai anjian li de ren (China, 2014)

Männer zeigen Filme und Frauen ihre Brüste (Germany, 2013)

Gekitotsu! Sat sujin ken (Japan, 1974)

Hilda (Mexico, 2015)

Wacken (Germany, 2014)

Was heißt hier Ende? (Germany, 2015)

Soshite chichi ni naru (Japan, 2015)

Hijo de Trauco (Chile, 2014)

Im Keller (Austria, 2014)

Shana: The Wolf’s Music (Canada, Switzerland: 2014)

El día trajo la oscuridad (Argentina, 2013)

Die abhandene Welt (Germany, 2015)

Cerro Torre (Austria, United Kingdom, United States, Argentina, 2013)

Lola auf der Erbse (Germany, 2014)

Auf das Leben! (Germany, 2014)

Theeb (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, United Kingdom, 2015)


6th annual OSIFF (Oct. 13-19, 2014)

The Golden Dream (Guatemala, 2013)

Not My Day (Germany, 2014)

A Street in Palermo (Italy/France/Switzerland, 2013)

Rise Up! And Dance (Austria, 2014)

Heli (Mexico/Netherlands/Germany/France, 2013)

When Inge is Dancing (Germany, 2013)

Living is Easy With Eyes Closed (Spain, 2013)

Sweet Alibis (Taiwan, 2014)

Lola (West Germany, 1981)

Horizon Beautiful (Ethiopia/Switzerland, 2013)

The Sky Has Four Corners (Germany, 2011)

The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas (Greece/Czech Republic, 2013)

Run, Boy, Run (France/Germany/Czech Republic, 2013)

Ich-Udo (Germany/US, 2013)

Moments - The Photographer Robert Lebeck (Germany, 2008)

Roraima - Climbers of the Lost World (Austria, 2013)

What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love (Indonesia, 2013)