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Our vision

We believe the cinema -- the films themselves and the screens on which they are shown -- is a vital communal space. We strive to deliver the best of contemporary world cinema to US audiences from coast to coast. Many of the films we program premiere at Berlinale, Cannes, and Sundance. We showcase films by well-established, Academy Award-winning directors, as well as first-time filmmakers. We contribute to the growth of local cinema culture by partnering with locally-owned theaters and by making our festivals financially accessible to all community members.


Our Story

dasfilmfest originated in a tiny Oregonian town. There, a small circle of friends transformed their monthly film club into the annual Oregon State International Film Festival.

Shortly thereafter, dasfilmfest was born. It has since branched out to other cities, offering both international film festivals, and festivals showcasing Austrian, German, and Swiss films.

Meet the Team

 We are cinema buffs! We enjoy watching films on the big screen, particularly in small, locally-owned theaters. Join us!

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Sebastian Heiduschke

Founder & Director

Sebastian grew up in a small Bavarian town close to the East German border. He has been obsessed with James Bond movies since he first watched Never Say Never Again on 16mm as a teenager. His fascination with the Cold War has led him to watch hundreds of East German films; his favorite is Letztes aus der DaDaEr.

He can often be found driving a Trabant 601 station wagon through the streets of Corvallis, Oregon.

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Jennifer Creech

Director of Social Relations

Jennifer loves the Czech New Wave, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and most science fiction films. She can't decide which is better: the floating camera of Malick or the experimental cuts of Chytilová. In her free time, she takes too many pictures on her Nikon D7000.

When she retires, she hopes to own a 1960 Ford F-250 in robin's egg blue.

Want to work with us?

Interested in screening a film at one of our festivals? Interested in curating a festival with us in your home town? Interested in advertising at our festivals?